Food cart for franchise business is HOT according the the latest survey !!!

Foodcart for franchise business is hot according the the latest survey !!!

According to the latest survey food cart franchise consistently top the franchising industry here in the Philippines for the last five years in terms of growth and number of new franchise. This is not surprising since food carts are affordable and easy to put up, also the risk are so minimal with only a small capital needed for startup which can be easily offset through a number of experiences the owner gains by managing this foodcart business, this is also the reason why it is a very popular choice of business for OFW’s, first time business owner and retiree.

Its also notable that the success of the food cart for franchise can be attributed to the fact that the Philippines is experiencing a huge population growth rate for the C, D and E class of society who are the usual patrons of the food cart cart,foodcart,food cart franchise business,food cart business ,food cart franchise,affordable food cart,popular choice of business,latest survey,survey in the philippines

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